There are some great tools for connecting the windows and linux, but they comes from mammoth ages, though.

You'll need:

  1. Install Terminal & ssh add-on.

2. Create key with PuTTYgen. Hit save key and yes for passphrase. It wasn't asking me for a passphrase, but when I hit no it wasn't saving the key either.

3. There is a Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file: in puttyGen, so we copy it and paste into an add-ons configuration under authorized_keys:

Reload the add-on afterwards.

4. Use .ppk key with WinSCP.

Username is root. Yes, I'm serious, need to change afterwards.

5. Tada:

5. Putting files:

Go to /config/ and create a directory: www, now you can upload any custom files there and they'll be hosted on the hass.

6. Using files

Now the files are accessible via the front-end under the path <front-end-url>/local/<path_to_a_file>

And inside the components: